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ALBUM REVIEW | GOLDENBOY Releases New EP “Adult Disoriented Rock,” Available Now

Norwegian punk band goldenboy has released their newest 5-track EP “Adult Disoriented Rock” featuring their single “Old and Boring.”

goldenboy’s newest EP “Adult Disoriented Rock” captures a pop punk sound that is reminiscent of a classic California punk sound similar to the likes of Green Day, NOFX and Yellowcard with a catchy and melodic show of emotion and an upbeat rhythm.

Opening up the EP is one of our stand-out favorite pop punk songs on the album, “Old and Boring” Reflecting on goldenboy’s journey in music since the beginning in 1999. This song perfectly captures the feeling of growing up with music. With a great build up, the vocals come creeping in and then the chorus picks up the entire track with the trio in harmony making an instant classic.

goldenboy is a Norwegian pop-punk band who has been around since way back in 1999. 4 US tours with just about 100 concerts in 25 states, 6 Euro Tours, 3 albums and 3 EP’s later, the band returns after a laid back couple of years with their new EP “Adult Disoriented Rock”

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