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Arrested Youth Tries to Find the “Brightside” with New Track

March 13, 2020 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Fusing together alternative, pop and hip-hop styles, Arrested Youth has secured his spot as an artist to watch in 2020 with today’s release of “Brightside.” Speaking to the ever-familiar feeling of choosing between good and bad, ups and downs, left and right, “Brightside” is an open and honest look into the struggles of trying to find the light in every situation. 

“Brightside is about keeping a positive mental outlook, even when the easier choice is to dwell in your negative thoughts,” shares Ian Johnson, the mind and voice behind Arrested Youth. “The song serves as a reminder to myself and others to keep it on the bright side, despite the many obstacles of life” 

Fans can stream “Brightside” today at

Arrested Youth built his cult following through both his mix of alternative and hip-hop styles and thought-provoking lyrics addressing issues of self-doubt, ego, and the hyper stimulation brought by social media. Born Ian Johnson, he was raised in Louisville, Kentucky and started Arrested Youth wanting to create something bigger than himself, and his music to be an outlet for the real frustrations and problems that are going on in the world. 

“Music is incredibly stimulating for both the right and left side of my brain. I love the left-brain, analytical element of writing lyrics, developing concepts, etc. I also love the right-brain, creative element of expressing emotions, pushing my imagination and more” shares Johnson. “The process of creating music is very fulfilling on a personal, intellectual, and creative level and allows me to be able to honestly express what I am feeling and seeing in the world around me.” 

Since releasing his debut album FEAR in late 2018, Arrested Youth has amassed 40+ million streams, and supported Yungblud, DREAMERS and The Mowgli’s on their US and Canadian tours. He’s currently preparing to hit the road this spring with The Hunna to support Palaye Royale, then heading to the United Kingdom for his European debut at Reading & Leeds Festival. A full list of tour dates can be found below with more information available at