Interview with Rancid 1998 with the Silent Nation
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Back from the Dead! Interview with Brett Reed, former drummer of Rancid (1991 – 2006)

This interview dates back to July 11th 1998 at the Vans Warped Tour.

Rancid Interview Vans Warped Tour 1998 Salt Lake City with Silent Nation

Silent Nation: How did Rancid get started?

Brett: I met Tim from hanging out and going to shows. I don’t know, we just started practicing and just kept on going.

SN: How long have you been playing now?

B: We are about 6 years old now, I think it was December of ’91 when we played our first show.

SN: Where are you guys from?

B: We are from Berkeley, California.

SN: How is it out there for shows and getting started in the punk scene?

B: A lot of people have the misconception about the West Coast it’s actually really tough place to start it’s a real political scene out there if you are not saying the right things, singing the right things and hang out with a right fucking people then you’re not a part of the status quo. The other thing is where you will have bands that are the flavor of the month, everybody will like them on one month and then they will just stab them in the back the next month and talk shit behind their back. It’s just fucked so I’m glad that we were able to see through all of that bullshit and not let it freak us out. We just want to play music. We don’t care who the fuck likes us.

SN: Who are you most excited to be playing with at the Warped Tour?

B: Well you know, it’s really great to see all of these bands here and there are so many bands and we are all really good friends. It’s cool to be doing something with NOFX every day, really like NOFX. Reverend Horton Heat, really cool Meeting those guys, seeing them play, they got an amazing talent going on. H2O, our good friend is playing with them. So many good bands every day.

SN: In a recent Show in Ogden I met with Marky Ramone and he told me to tell you guys hello.

B: (In a Goodfellas voice) Oh yeah, Marky Ramone, Marky, yeah like that? Go get your fucking shine box. Yeah he sang some backgrounds on our new record.

SN: What is the affiliation with the US Thugs and the US mugs?

B: Oh man, it has nothing to do with bands or anything. I actually don’t think that we are a part of that anymore, I think Brian got his tattoo covered up. It was just a bunch of kids, all of us, getting stupid tattoos. There was no seriousness to it at all, although some people take it really serious. We just want to leave it open for other people’s interpretations, every day I hear a different story about what it’s about and it’s not about anything which is the funniest thing about it. It was Tim and Lars and Eric one day, goofing around and got it out of control.

SN: That question was from Brian just to see what you would say.

B: He got his covered up so I don’t know why he’s asking about it.

SN: So what do you guys like to do with your spare time?

B: Well actually, I just got back from the shooting range oh, there is a really cool indoor shooting range down on Redwood Road and we had a guy with a car today so when everybody was out doing laundry and getting parts for their guitars and shit I went down to the shooting range.

SN: Doesn’t it scare you with all the gun happy people around there? Hahaha

B: It’s actually pretty mellow, it’s loud and you kind of got to get used to it but for 9 bucks you can rent any fucking handgun you want and for six bucks an hour oh, you got to buy your own ammo, but you can sit there and put up targets and blow them away. That’s what I like to do when I’m in Salt Lake. I also like to fish, skateboard and whatever.

Rancid band interview salt lake city 1998

SN: What is your favorite songs? Lyrics Wise?

B: My favorite songs are based on the music more than the lyrical content. We would be here all day oh, there are so many good songs, I like all the songs on this new album.

SN: On your new album it seems like your sound changed compared to your older albums.

B: It doesn’t seem like that much of a transition for me.

SN: We have noticed and some people say that it seems to have taken on more of an old-school ska sound.

B: Yeah, it’s more Roots orientated, a little more reggae, but there are so many different styles on this record. When you’re making the same record year in and year out it gets really old. We didn’t make this one different consciously, it just happened that way, we just went in and wrote everything in the studio. We had the time and that’s what came out but to me it’s successful cause we were all in there together.

SN: My last question for you is if you could be any woman in the world who would it be?

B: Hmm… Oh God, any woman? Maybe Hillary Clinton, I would just like to see how it would be like and to kick the shit out of bill for what he has done. I don’t know, maybe she has a bunch of boys running around screwing her, giving her head.

SN: Well thanks for your time Bryan.

B: No problem

Rancid band interview 1998 Brett Reed



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