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Bad Religion – New Album “Age of Unreason”

Bad Religion – Age of Unreason

bad religion punk rockers new album age of unreason

Mark the date, May 3rd 2019. Bad Religion has announced that they will be releasing their new album Age of Unreason. There is no doubt that this album will follow the same great sound as many of their very recognizable past albums.

In 2018 they released 2 new songs with no album affiliation, “The kids are alt-right” and “The profane rights of man”. On November 12th 2018 they released “My sanity” and this was the first real indication of a new album in the works. Following the new year, we got another taste of the new album with the release of “Chaos from within” that definitely shows the gritty potential this new album will have.

Bad Religion’s 17th studio album hasn’t skipped a beat in style, sound and heavy political messages. This is a pure punk rock stance on how disorganized the world is and the current sickness of America. The message behind the lyrics are not all doom and gloom but rather a message of hope and recognition of what we can accomplish together to make a change.

We are extremely excited for this new release and encourage everyone to check it out on May 3rd. Be sure to follow Epitaph Records and the Bad Religion site to stay up to date.

“Do The Paranoid Style” is the latest release from the “Age of Unreason” album.

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