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Burlington NC’s Punks, Orphan Riot Release “American Endgame” | Streaming Now!

Burlington NC’s Punks, Orphan Riot have just released their newest album “American Endgame.”

I spy in my mailbox, a fresh new submission via snail mail from a trio of young punkers in Burlington, NC. First things first, thanks Orphan Riot for taking the time to send us a physical of your newest album. This industry has become so impersonal over the years with all of the streaming services available. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of streaming but we here at The Daily Tune still love getting a physical copy along with stickers and pins to help promote the bands that are out there working hard to put out some great music!

Speaking of great music, American Endgame completely shocked me. These kids kick out some classic punk music that you don’t come across nearly enough anymore. Flash back to the 90’s with sounds reminiscent of Green Day, Rancid, Decedents and Face To Face.

“We’re All Fucked” is a great track that starts off the album with a very solid sound that definitely shows that Lars Fredrickson sound that lead singer, Noel Greene seams to hit on a constant throughout the album. Another track that we want to point out is “The Way It’s Got To Be.” This track definitely has a Decedents feel to it. Listen to this track and then switch over to Bikeage from the Milo Goes To College album.

We highly recommend this album and have really enjoyed listening to it, we think you will too! Go check out the Bandcamp and follow on their socials.

Thanks Orphan Riot, now that we know where you live we might have to send you a sticker pack as soon as we get off our asses and print some more!