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Denver, CO. Pop Punks, ALL WAFFLE TRICK Announce New Album “Second Breakfast” | Out Now!

This new release from All Waffle Trick is full of positive and high-spirited energy, every track on this album has its own commanding highpoints ranging from pop punk to ska and combined makes for a great album to put in your rotation. You can definitely hear influences from bands like; Blink 182, Millencolin, Pennywise, Less Than Jake and other popular pop punk artists.

There are so many great tracks on this album that it makes it a bit difficult to pick out some favorites, the first track on this album sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album. “Wasted Summer” with its harmonizing vocals, fast paced lead guitar and rhythm guitar. The anthem style backing vocals are timed perfectly to top off this song.  

Second highlight on this new album and probably our favorite track is “ExSka ExSka Juicy Bits.” This is a great Ska track that doesn’t feel like you have heard it before. Great work on the offbeat rhythm guitar and the almost Rancid style vocals.

Destroyer is on the harder side of the album with heavier vocals, deeper riffs and overall power throughout the track.

This album will absolutely be a great addition to any pop punk / ska punk collection. You will find yourself wanting to sing along with every song as soon as you put it on. I highly recommend checking it out!

1)      Wasted Summer
2)      Songs That We’ll Sing
3)      Tongue-Tired
4)      ExSka ExSka Juicy Bits
5)      Millennial
6)      Anonymous
7)      Destroyer
8)      Joyride
9)      Me, My Hand, and I
10)     Screws Loose
11)     Doctor’s Orders
12)     Falling Down
13)     What a Way to Spend a Night

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