Disengaged salt lake city local metal band
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Heavey Metal / Death Metal

Band Members:

Drums: Dylan “Demon” Dawes
Vocals: Dez Troy
Lead Guitar: Chase “Carnage” Williams
Bass: Sean Herrera


DiseNgaged began in 2009 as a trio playing covers in the back yards of friends and keeping the local PD busy shutting down parties.
Eventually the band would grow to a 5 piece and record the album that Dylan “The Demon” Dawes, DiseNgaged’s drummer, had been writing since day one.
In 2013 the Hazardous album would be unleashed on an unsuspecting Salt Lake City and kick start the band playing every stage that would have them in the 801.
2014 would see the release of the bands 5 song EP, Mass Grave, which would mark the beginning of a new writing process and the sound we now know as DiseNgaged .
With the release of Mass Grave, DiseNgaged signed with Another Element Records and re-record and release Hazardous in 2016.

DiseNgaged is a family made of brothers who want to make heavy music that feels good to play, perform in shows and make everyone in attendance feel like a part of that family.
In the summer of 2019, DiseNgaged has promised new music and tours.

“We’ve drug our feet too long we’re ready to show the world what we’ve got and this time We’re Out For Blood.”

See you in the pit.


Lamb of God , Pantera , Metallica , A7X, DevilDriver , Korn , Slipknot , Periphery , Soulfly , Jungle Rot

Current Location:

South Jordan, Utah




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