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Draize Method



Band Members: (Past & Present)

Vocals: Dan Fonoti, Dee Smith

Guitars: Todd Kirk, Doug Olmstead, Paul Tanner, Justin Leeds, Chad Krusell

Drums: Mike Allbee, Ron Caulford, Todd Kirk

Bass Guitar: Steve Poole, Dennis Donahoe


Formed from the ashes of a band called Lost cause in 1983,we toured and kicked around the S.L.C/Wasatch front scene for10 or so years serving as a opening act for bands such as; Massacre guys, Circle Jerks,Fang,7-Seconds, Dag Nasty, Beyond possession, S.N.F.U, The Brigade, Uniform choice, the Melvins, Poison Idea, Fugazi and Verbal assault. also sharing the stage with local greats- L.D.S, Maimed For Life, AWOL, Victims willing, Hate x nine, Miskreant and The Stench.

After releasing two full length albums on T.B records and appearing on various comps. Other projects started to take focus in ’92-’93 and we went our separate ways sometime in ’94 remaining close friends all the while. In 2010 a phone conversation Prompted a get together, then a reunion, then a show, now a new beginning!

Current Location:

Ogden, Utah




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