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Endless Struggle


Punk Rock

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Endless Struggle is a punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah. They originally formed in 1995 after Magoo left the band Total Chaos. Returning to Utah, Magoo enlisted Bobby to sing vocals, Greg to play bass, and T-Roy to play drums. After two shows, they added Jesse on second guitar. After a west coast tour, they were asked by Jake Casualty to begin recording songs for his record label, Charged Records. Eventually the band signed with A-F records and released one album. They broke up in 2006, reforming in 2010 with original members Bobby and Jesse. They added bass player Derwood who started playing with the band in 2003, Tay on drums who played with the band in 2005 and a new guitar player Robby. After the release of a 3 song self-titled EP, the band stopped playing actively and continued to promote the previous releases and to work on other projects. In April of 2017 the band co headlined a large music festival in Salt Lake called Sl’UT fest at Area 51. Immediately the band was offered a show in Tulsa OK playing a festival with the Casualties, Lower Class Brats and Chron Gen. They also were invited to open for the Descendents and the Bronx playing at the Depot in Salt Lake City, as well as GBH at club Metro.

Endless Struggle has toured the United States numerous times, played festivals in Atlanta, the Stone Pony (Bruce Springsteen) in New Jersey, San Francisco and many places in between. The band also had to opportunity to play CBGB’s numerous times, the Troubadour in West Hollywood and a number of famous (infamous) music venues throughout the country. In addition to the Descendents, the band has played with just about every punk bund from all around the world including the Exploited, GBH, the Bronx, One Man Army, DRI, The Unseen, The Adicts, The Casualties as well as numerous other bands from all around the world.

Endless Struggle’s music is available through Amazon, Itunes, and many independent record stores like Angry, Young and Poor, Interpunk, Raunch Records and numerous other stores. The music is also available through the top streaming web sources.

Current Location:

Salt Lake City

Record Label

Charged Records
A-F Records




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