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REVIEW: FALLOW LAND releases new LP, “Slow Down, Rockstar.” Listen Now!

Ann Arbor’s Fallow Land has officially released the LP Slow Down, Rockstar as a follow up to their critically acclaimed EP, Pinscher. The album is a carefully orchestrated examination of self, acting as the perfect soundtrack track to a rainy day at home. Lead vocalist Whit Fineberg perfectly establishes the purpose of the album in the first song, The Things You Say, with the lyrics, “this is the only way that we can talk about this.” This line exists as a promise for the album, and the tracks carefully build momentum to make good on this promise.

Focused on gentle, almost ethereal guitar riffs and masterfully crafted rhythmic textures throughout; the gentle elements in the music direct you to listen to the philosophical musings of the lyrics, guiding you through the narrator’s journey into himself. Even with this more intellectual approach to the material, the album also avoids falling into pretension, an active goal of the creators. Producer Matt Bayles said of the record, “Recording Fallow Land was all about balancing the intellectual with the emotional […] I wanted this record to come across as well thought out, but bedroom-y and sincere, kind of like Karate or The Dismemberment Plan.” Slow Down, Rockstar walks this line brilliantly, bringing Fallow Land’s ever-expanding fanbase a hopeful and contemplative addition to the band’s young catalogue.

Release Date: July 26th, 2019

Reviewer’s Favorite Track: Track 4, “The Body”

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