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GlennVeryClose Announce Debut EP “Feelings” | Out Sept 1 | Review

Post Hardcore band, GlennVeryClose from Milford, Connecticut has officially announce the long awaited debut EP “Feelings” to be released Sept 1st.

Glenn VeryClose’s upcoming release of “Feelings” Is without a doubt one of the most intriguing releases I’ve listened to this year. While most post hardcore seems to fall along the lines of the typical sounds you’d associate with that of the bigger names in post hardcore, “Feelings” does a great job at being its own very unique experience without straying too far that you wouldn’t recognize the inspiration inside of it. Being able to pick out hints of subtle nods to other songs and bands without immediately catching it is one of my favorite parts about this EP, you can hear the inspiration without ever feeling like they’re trying to be someone else. They are very much their own band and this is definitely an EP you can hear the love and passion that was put into making it.

Listening to this EP I had a hard time picking out one or even two standout songs because every song flows so well with each other it’s almost better to experience it together than to pick it apart.

With all of that in mind, this is one of the few releases that I wholeheartedly would say has no weak points or underwhelming tracks. Mark the date -SEPTEMBER 1st!

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