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Hardcore Legends, INSIGHT Release “Reflection” | Stream Now

There is nothing more exciting than opening the mailbox to find new vinyl, but to open it up to see the newest album from the Salt Lake City Hardcore Legends, INSIGHT is nothing short of incredible! This is absolutely one of my top 5 favorite records. Part of that is because I grew up listening to these guys back in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s so it is very nostalgic, I still have one of their original t-shirts, some old flyers and a lot of great memories! Insight has always been one of the most well-known straight edge hardcore bands in the scene and this new album proves that they are still a major piece of the puzzle that we have been missing over the years.

I instantly got the chills once the needle hit the vinyl, the classic sounds of their original tracks echoed throughout the house and down the street in my neighborhood as I graciously left the windows and doors open for everyone to hear! I still have a hard time trying to pick out my top tracks for Reflection, Track 2 – Believe, Track 5 – Identity Crisis and probably Track 8 – Silent Shore for the original tracks from 89 -90. As for the new stuff I would say Track 9 – Take is back is solid as hell and Track 12 – Strength.

These are just some highlights for me if I had to just choose a few but this entire album is critical for the revival of hardcore the way it was meant to be! If you are a hardcore kid at heart, then you already know all of this but just in case you haven’t heard of insight then I would compare them to the likes of Instead, Bold, Side by Side, Uniform Choice, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and many others.

Stream NOW on all platforms but this is one that you absolutely must collect on vinyl! Click here to hit up Mission Two Entertainment to purchase. Get some T Shirts and a classic 90’s hoodie while your there!

Reflection Track Listing:

1.       Standing Strong

2.       Believe

3.       Walk Away

4.       Enough

5.       Identity Crisis

6.       End The Cruelty

7.       Get It

8.       Silent Shore

9.       Take It Back

10.   Lost In My Pride

11.   Reflection

12.   Strength

13.   Walk Away (Live)

14.   End The Cruelty (Live)

15.   Standing Strong (Live)

16.   Enough (Live)

17.   Identity Crisis (Live)

18.   Control (Live)

19.   Tied Down (Live)

Tracks 1-6: Originally from the 1990 release of the What Will It Take 7”.

Track 7: Previously released on the Voice Of Thousands compilation in 1990.

Track 8: Previously released on the Only The Strong compilation in 1990.

Tracks 9-12: Brand new tracks.

Tracks 13-19: Recorded live in August 1989 at City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey.