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Harrington Saints Releases New Video for “Fremont Train” From “1000 Pounds of Oi!”

Harrington Saints punk rock music

From the Bay Area, Harrington Saints is getting ready to release their new album “1000 Pounds of Oi!” and they have just dropped the “Fremont Train” Video for us. Their new album will be available on May 10th, Get your pre-order HERE or pre-save HERE

“They called us 1000 Pounds of Oi! when we first hit the stage. No one could have known the fire in our hearts. We play it hard. We play it true. It’s all we wanna do. So, come along and we’ll do it just for you!” – Harrington Saints

Band Members

Darrel Wojick – Vocals
Mike C. – Guitar
Jayson Shepard – Guitar
Mike “Deuce” Miller – Bass
Forrest Maestretti – Drums

1. 1000 lbs. of Oi!
2. Red State
3. Fremont Train
4. Pressure
5. State Of Emergency
6. Rock N Rolla
7. Broken Windows
8. Counter Attack
9. Rise Up
10. Now More Than Ever



Harrington Saints punk rock music

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