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Indie Artist, Josaleigh Pollett Announces New Single “Cragslistless” | Out Now!

Utah local Indie artist, Josaleigh Pollett announces her newest single “Craigslistless” on all streaming platforms. This release comes just shortly after the release of her other single “Crying Wolf” from November. Josaleigh has far exceeded expectations this year with these two new singles and have given us a grand glimpse into what we can expect from her next year. Lyrics and composition are extraordinary and extremely soothing for the indie-folk genre. I would say that this is definitely cold weather music that you can sit down with a nice warm beverage of your choice (with a splash of whiskey for me) next to the fire on a stormy day or possible around the campfire in the deep woods. These singles have me just craving more, can’t wait for a new full length to be released.

Josaleigh performs deeply sorrowful pieces about emptiness and loss, connecting with our deepest human fears, then breaks the trance with her exuberant, child-like laughter once the last chord is played. You can’t experience one of her shows without laughing at your own pain. She leaves you wondering how a girl like her can pull out so much painful emotion during a show but be so infectiously happy in life.

“It’s because I emote so much of the sad, hard shit in songs that I’m able to be happy and positive in the rest of my life. That’s how I try to exist in the world. If I only wrote happy pop songs, maybe I wouldn’t be able to be so happy in my natural life,” she tells S&A with a slight giggle.

Pollett hopes her music will continue to connect with people at their deepest, most vulnerable points to help people feel less alone, and make being human a little more comfortable.” – April Stark of Salt & Art Blog, 2019

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