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INTERVIEW: GLACIER VEINS | New Single Out Now “Circles” | Video

The Daily Tune caught up with Glacier Veins from Portland while on tour with Stickup Kid in Salt Lake City. Be sure to check out their new single “Circles.”

Glacier Veins Band Members:

  • Malia Endres
  • Kyle Woodrow
  • Jason Espinoza
  • Tyler Groce

Common Ground Records

THE DAILY TUNE: How long have you guys been a band?

Malia: It started out as my solo project in 2015 but about a year with this lineup.

Daily tune: Has the sound evolved from your solo project or have you tried to keep it similar?

Malia: There’s definitely a bit of everybody’s style in it now. I write the songs that I like and everybody brings in what they want.

Kyle: We all have our own style but it works together.

Malia: And we all have an idea of the general direction of what the band needs.

Tyler: I think our newest record we haven’t released yet is the most collaborative so far.

Daily tune: What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced on tour?

Malia: This could have been like a horror movie but two nights ago we were driving from Seattle to Boise and one of my tires blew out in the middle of the mountains.

Kyle: Yeah, it was like 3 a.m. and it took us two tow trucks to get us to a hotel because we couldn’t fix our spare, we we’re missing parts.

Daily tune: If you can play with any band who would it be?

Tyler: Deftones for sure!

Kyle: It would be sick to play with Manchester Orchestra or circa!

Malia: I have to come back to that one it’s hard to choose (did not come back to that one

Glacier Veins interview in Salt Lake City

Daily Tune: What’s your favorite song you’ve written?

Kyle: For me, it’s our new record and we haven’t played it live yet so no one has heard it, but it’s called “Another Feeling.” For us it’s definitely a step forward as a band

Malia: And it’s one of the only songs we started from scratch as a band.

Jason: As far as live mine is “Everything Glows”. Another one we wrote together.

Tyler: That one is probably my favorite too.

Daily tune: So when is the “secret record” coming out?

Malia: We don’t know for sure but fall is our hopeful answer.

Daily tune: If you could be a member in any band who would it be?

Kyle: Dude, I would be the sax player in the tower of power that would be so sick to me!

Jason: I would be George Benson.

Kyle: Word.

Tyler: I would have to play drums for Green day.

Malia: I would be Hilary Duff.

Kyle: Hell yeah!

Daily Tune: If you could learn any instrument with no trouble would it be?

Jason: Saxophone.

Kyle: Trombone.

Malia: Drums.

*Stickup kids yells from the back* “hey we’re headed IHOP if you guys want to join!”

Tyler: Piano.

Malia: We could all just started jazz band if we played those!

Daily Tune: If you guys made a new band what sound would you go for?

Tyler: Heavy hardcore or punk.

Malia: I would do pop vocals over electronic Pop.

Kyle: I would like to venture into Neo Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop stuff.

Jason: I would do Surf Jazz.

Daily tune: Any words of wisdom to end the interview?

Kyle: Drink water!

Malia: Eat Zinc

Jason: A wet bird never flies at night.
(a Russian proverb said to them by the tow truck driver at 3 a.m.)

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