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INTERVIEW: STICKUP KID | New Album Out Now “Soul Drive” | Album Stream

Band Members:

  • Bo McDowell- Guitar
  • Tony Geravesh- Vocals
  • Curtis Wallace – Guitar
  • Jonathan McMaster- Bass
  • Cameron MacBain- Drums

Pick Up the new album “Soul Drive” here.

stickup kid in salt lake city 2019 interview

Daily Tune: After a six year break from the last full length release, what was the main driving force of coming together to release “Soul Drive”?

Bo: I think it was just the right feel for everybody to get an album going. I mean, a couple of those years we were already writing. We just took as long as we needed on it so we did not have to worry. We just spent a majority of the time figuring out who we are outside of the band. Some of us had school to finish and go to work full time.

Daily Tune: How has this tour been going so far?

Bo: for me it has just been awesome to be in the same environment as everybody else, celebrating a new album with everyone. It is really cool to still see some of the same people at the shows even after such a long break.

John: It’s not internalized anymore, now we have an album to show everyone. I had a guy come up to me in Boise and he had a picture he took of us from one of the first times we played there and he said that it was what inspired him to get into photography. It was one of the best things to change that guy’s life with our music.

*Tony, the lead singer joins the interview now.*

Daily Tune: Going along with touring, have you guys noticed any huge differences in the music scenes throughout the different states?

Tony: Either the scene is super compact and everybody knows each other and the same people go out to every show or the scene can be super stand offish. Sometimes we get to a really small town and are really surprised by how great the scene is, or you can go someplace like San Francisco and they don’t really have one main scene.

Stickup kid interview for the daily tune

John: Now days everybody has access to everything all the time so now all the kid kind of look the same and have the same taste. There are still some pockets with their own identity but overall most scenes are the same. It is interesting how music has evolved like that since the internet. A lot of the smaller towns are more welcoming because they seem to be more excited about an out of town band coming in.

Daily Tune: If you guys were to start a new band separately or together what type of sound would you go for?

John: My shit would be fast. Like hardcore.

Tony: I might lean towards something like what drake does along the lines of R&B.

Daily Tune: What is your favorite song off of “Soul Drive”?

Tony: Mine is “Heaven” for sure.

Bo: Probably “Real Time”.

John: I think I am going to go with “You’re All Mine” but that’s just today, tomorrow it will be different.

Daily Tune: Thanks so much for taking some time out to talk with me. Best of luck with the remainder of your tour. Any final words that you would like to share?

Bo: Go check out our album! We are all super proud of it and we hope you guys like it.