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Interview with Bobby Schayer, former drummer of Bad Religion (1991 – 2001)

Here is another great interview from the July 11th 1998 Vans Warped Tour. Bobby unfortunately had to leave Bad Religion in 2001 due to a shoulder injury that prevented him from playing drums in a professional setting. Another interesting fact about Bobby was that he learned how to play the drums by the original drummer of Circle Jerks, Lucky Lehrer in 1980.

Silent Nation: Who all is in Bad Religion?

Bobby: Well at the current moment it’s me, Bobby on drums, Glen Baker on guitar, Greg Henson on guitar, Jay Bentley on bass guitar and Greg Graffin sings.

SN: Have you had a lot of lineup changes?

B: This is the third lineup change but you still have to or three of the original guys since day one. It’s pretty much the same band.

SN: How long have you guys been playing?

B: As a band we have been playing for 18 and 1/2 years.

SN: Do you guys feel pretty successful where you are at now?

B: We feel pretty old! I feel successful, we feel that we got really successful in the last few years, we’ve gotten more popular even if it ended tomorrow I’d still feel gratified with what we’ve accomplished. Let alone I don’t think that any of us would ever imagine that we would still be together after all of this time. I think that’s the success of the band, that we remain friends all of the time and that we still put records out every year.

SN: What do you guys do besides Bad Religion?

B: Oh God! Music collector, book reader, traveling, hockey, we are all in the hockey. More hockey than anything. They are into NASCAR and stuff like that. Everyone has their own thing oh, and we also do the punk rock karaoke thing on the side. We are all just into a lot of different things.

SN: Do you think that you guys were considered nerds in high school?

B:  Gregg Henson probably was, I guess being a punk rocker at that time he was. I guess we all were, it’s hard to pinpoint how you were in high school but I would say yes.

SN: Are you and your band members pretty well-rounded individuals that don’t focus mainly “just hanging out”?

B: Well, none of us live in the same city. I live in Seattle, Greg graffin lives in Upstate New York and Jay lives in Canada. The thing that keeps our friendship going is the fact that we are spread out. If we were in the same kind of band that rehearsed 5 days a week and lived in the same house we would end up killing each other. When we do see each other it’s like a family reunion.

SN: If you could be any woman in the world who would it be?

B: I would say Amelia Earhart but she’s never been found. Maybe she did that on purpose. Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow because she had “IT”, she had everything, and I didn’t.

SN: are most of you guys college-educated?

B: No, Greg graffin is probably the most college-educated in the band. Greg Hudson was a high school dropout and so was Jay. Glen Baker went to school but I don’t think he went to college and neither did I.

SN: There is a rumor that one of the members of bad religion was a college professor.

B: well Greg graffin is getting his Doctrine, he has a PHD at Cornell but he has not got it completely yet. When the band does completely fizzle out then he can go back and resume his position there and finish. Then he can become a teacher which is what he wanted to do anyway.

SN: Is there anything else you would like to add to the end of this interview?

B: Umm… Buy our new record, whether you like it or hate it thanks for buying it always.

SN: Thanks for your time.

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