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JAIL CITY ROCKERS Released a New Video for “No Politics” | Watch Here

The Jail City Rockers have released a new video for one of their most popular songs “No Politics.”

We always have something great to say about these guys and today is no different. Always punchy, always loud and always great Rock n’ Roll! We are sure that you will love this track if you haven’t already heard it. Listen Below!

Jail City Rockers Bio:

What started out as a teenage cure for boredom on stolen music equipment,  and a general distaste for modern pop culture,  JAIL CITY ROCKERS have turned into something more than the Bonilla brothers ever thought possible.   The guys pull their inspiration from 70’s Punk Rock,  80’s Hardcore,  Oi!,  Ska,  60’s R ‘n’ B,   and 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.   They went from listening and admiring their favorite bands to sharing the stage with a handful of them.  Such as The VIBRATORS,  The DAMNED  and  The BUSINESS.  Now after finding a solid line-up,  and a core of all ages followers,  the band is wanting to expand their music and  positive energy to the rest of the country and also internationally. 

Vocals, Lead Guitar / Andrew Bonilla
Rhythm Guitar  / K. C. Avenue
Bass /  Francisco Herrero
Drums / Gabriel Bonilla

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