Junro Release From Hell - Video
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JUNRO Releases “From Hell” Out Now! Stream | VIDEO “Nothing But Hate”

Southern New England modern rock band Junro embraces the elements of progressive rock, metal and 90’s alternative, delivering a complex, yet accessible sound.

The foundation of Junro’s unique, yet melodic tonal disposition is derived from the varying musical experiences and backgrounds of each of the members.

Junro released their first EP, ‘Throwing Stones’ in 2017 and they’ve just followed that up with their sophomore album, ‘From Hell’ which was mixed by Travis Hill from The Looking Glass Recording (guitar player for the band Microwave).

Progressive metal-heads, pop-punk enthusiasts, hard rock aficionados, and all-around connoisseurs of expert musicianship alike should find plenty to love amongst the album’s 7 tracks.

Check out the latest music video for the song “Nothing But Hate” here.

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