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Know Hope Records Announces Tweentythreeninteen’s New Album “XXIIIXIX” Available in June.

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Pennsylvania’s Twentythreenineteen delivers an emotionally driving album without an over the top aggressive feel with their latest release “XXIIIXIX”. This album is darkly atmosphereic and melodic and is one of the most unique and fresh albums to release this year in the pop rock genre.

Most twentythreenineteen songs unfold in a similar manner, the band wraps their textures in light, delicate frameworks that can veer off in manic directions. Anchored by McCall’s misty vocal presence and flanked by close friends, the concise, yet kaleidoscopic debut to those who stole my light is devoid of genre tags or constraints, instead colored in by the hazy promise of a better future.

“You” from their album “Irrational”

Band Members

Sean McCall
Dylan Walker
Kyle Lloyd
Nick Moretti
Wave ”grubhub” Deaner

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