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MAKESHIFT GRAVES Releasing “A Part Of This Thing Called Death” October 31

Buffalo NY Hardcore / Metal band, Makeshift Graves is set to release their newest album “A Part Of This Thing Called Death” on October 25th, 2019 via Patient Zero Records.

Makeshift Graves has definitely hit the mark with this new album! It’s everything you would want from a hardcore / death metal album. Perfectly timed breakdowns, heavy and aggressive guitar leads paired with a vocalist that has that perfect tone to suck you in and force you to pay attention to their message.

Our favorite track on this album is “Sermon of the Hopeless” with a slower start that builds up and really hooks you around 20 seconds in then the next break down at the 1:02 mark, guitars have a great change up at 1:28. The mastering of this album was great with plenty of body and depth, no garage band sound here.

Another track to note is “Worthless” that starts of hard with a low thundering bass and guitar riffs to bring in the vocals around 15 seconds in, the track hits overdrive around the 47 second mark with the double bass drums and the penetrating vocals that demand your attention up to the drop out at 2:00 then builds you back up at 2:10 then drops back to a slow but intense drop around 2:37 to finish out perfectly.

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