modern elemental ergon art on the daily tune

MODERN ELEMENTAL ERGON | Electrifying Modern Art!

Modern elemental ergon art on the daily tune

A visionary experiment in modern industrial design and form, using the most basic of elements. Charity Judkins has been welding for ten years and now has taken her love of metal working and evolved it into art that pushes the boundaries of conventional design.

We don’t typically post anything outside of music but I couldn’t resist doing an artist spotlight on Charity Judkins and Cally Rhoades from Modern Elemental Ergon.

These two gals have a really cool gig figured out with their art and it is pretty damn unique, I know that this is the first time I have seen anything like what they do. The project starts with running high voltage electricity through all different types of wood and transform it into amazing works of art. After painting, detailing and incorporating old metal or car parts and framing some of the pieces in metal, you are left with some very impressive works of art!

We highly suggest you take a look at their social media accounts and follow for some truly amazing artwork!

You can also find some of their work locally if you’re in Ogden, Utah at The Local Artisan Collective.