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New Limbo Release NEW EP “Deep Easy” May 25th!

May 25th marks a special day for the 3-piece rock band, New Limbo. Not only is it the birthday of their lead singer and guitarist, Zachary Spier, but it is also the release date for their new EP “Deep Easy.”

New Limbo indie rock band

Each of the 4 tracks on the EP deliver their own unique sound, beginning with the very 70’s Rock inspired, “Western Gate.” Drawn in by the groovy, syncopated rhythm and hard rock guitar riff, the song explodes into a rollercoaster of texture, with howling vocals, layers of guitar work, the flying fingers of Arlen Carson and his thumpin’ bass, and an amazing drum solo from Theo Adamson.

“Little Ride (Big Crash)” feels like it does exactly that, opening with a haunting guitar line with jumbled voices increasing in volume ‘til the drums and bass “crash” through the mix into a heavy-metal style riff. Arlen Carson’s heavy bassline cuts through the mix with every slap and is the glue that holds it all together.

“Wax Theatre” delivers a powerful punch, alternating between a solid, Kraut-rock beat and jangly guitars in the verse, and the heavy distortion and virtuosic drum playing of the chorus. The song builds gradually, with harmonies being added to the vocals following the second verse and then peaking after the 1 guitar solo divides off into 2 separate tracks before uniting in the final chorus.

The affectionately titled, “Hey Mum,” is a pop song played with the aggressiveness of a metal band. Theo shines again here with his extraordinary creativity on the drums while Zachary and Arlen Jam out on the simple power chord progression, giving it a fun, party atmosphere.

For a debut EP New Limbo has delivered a very solid first-release. Each song perfectly shows off the strength of each member of the band, who each bring something distinct and unique to the sound. These 3 guys have come together to make some larger-than-life rock music.

You can catch a listen of this EP on streaming platforms, but if you come to their release show May 25th at the Monarch House in Provo, they will be selling physical copies, t-shirts, and performing live with their good friends Say Hey!

Band Members
Zachary (Guitar/vocals)
Arlen (bass)
Theo (drums)