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New Single/Video for “Never Looking” from THE ATOM AGE. “Cry Til’ You Die” out 08/23!

Oakland’s explosive romp of a band, The Atom Age, has released a video for the track “Never Looking,” the lead single off their latest LP, Cry Til’ You Die (out August 23rd) via Tiger Dream/Asian Man Records .

The song immediately lures you in with an irresistible swagger as the tune gets right to the point; The Atom Age is here to rock. Reminiscent of Punk Rock music of the 60’s and 70’s, the song is all energy, and doesn’t allow the mood to dip as the band takes you for a ride. All the while, the visuals within the video have no interest in anything other than the band and what the band cares about: music. As they say clearly, they’re “out of things to be,” and the video makes it clear that they just want to come blast your face off playing some killer music. If that’s not enough, add in one sexy saxophone solo, and you’ve got the newest single from California powerhouse, The Atom Age.

The energy of “Never Looking” is the perfect introduction to the raging record it prophesies; The Age’s fourth record is dedicated to creating an LP that doesn’t lose the feeling of their live performances. The album is pop writing that’s unafraid to be completely nasty, and the effect is completely intoxicating. From the thumping bass of the first track to the interstellar keys on “Bloodletter” (track six), unforgettable riffs are abundant; and if you love the wailing saxophone of their latest single, just wait until the record’s fifth track, “Walk Through Walls” gets ahold of you. “Never Looking” masterfully pregames the album, preparing you for the hard-hitting rock record on the horizon, an LP that won’t let go of you until the resonant feedback on the final track fades.

Cry Til’ You Die, the fourth album from The Atom Age, is available on August 23rd through Tiger Dream/Asian Man Records.

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