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Nights Like Thieves Announce 3rd EP “The Forgotten” Out May 8th

San Diego, California melodic / Emo punk band, Nights Like Thieves have announced the release of their 3rd EP, “The Forgotten.” This album will be available on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp for physical on May 8th.

Check out their most recent release below to get a taste of what’s to come from these guys. The single “Alright” was released late last year and will be on the upcoming EP.

After listening to the full EP it is obvious that they are definitely saving the best tracks for the May 8th release. This should be a good indicator that “The Forgotten” could be their best release to date since “Alright” is a great track on it’s own.

It was hard to choose a top track for this EP, both “Magic Eyes” and “It’s Cut To The Bone” have a great sound that is very reminiscent to the slightly more aggressive 90’s Emo Punk tracks that still hold ground today. The title track “The Forgotten” has everything you need and was mastered perfectly with melodic vocals, background screams, heavy riffs with some very talented and well calculated breakdowns.
FFO: Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, At The Drive-in, Sparta.

I couldn’t resist posting this little message from Steve-O (Jackass / Wyldboys) giving some solid advice.

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