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NOi!SE Release “Lost” and “Price We Pay” Singles | Stream Here!

Never been shy to speak out on important issues, NOi!SE delivers yet another LOUD and multi-dimensional attack with this incredible brand new track!

We couldn’t be more excited to share the newest single “Lost” for all you fine ladies and gents! It is great to see the boys still hard at work producing some of the greatest tunes for us to all enjoy. You can check out “Lost” below but your gunna have to wait to get an ear full of the next track. Next up will be “Price We Pay” and that will be released on July 10th.

There’s nowhere left to go.
Far away from everything we were.
Far from what we know.
A fire burned the shores.
While we drifted out to sea.
Lured out by a lie disguised as fate.
Doom disguised as dreams.
What has anger done?
What have we become?
Drifted out to sea so far we can’t return.
Greed has made us leave a place we should’ve stayed.
Are we burning everything our fathers made.
False perception that we see. Telling us that ignorance protects identity.
If only there was light to guide us back to being better than the people we became when we drifted out to sea for a false identity.

Encased in barbed wire and bars, trapped in a sea of money, this highly anticipated new single has the pent up energy to explode far and wide, carrying an important message of five million voices along with it.

As a progressive, thinking-person’s band, intent on remaining relevant in today’s world, these intelligent outspoken Americans do not steer away from acknowledging their advantages and opportunities in life; instead using them to try and elevate the voices of those who may not share those same privileges.

This incredible crusher of a song is a prime example of their force and their passion for spreading raucous tunes with an important message. This is one that especially deserves to stand and spin on its own – literally – as it is a very well-versed scathing critique of the prison industrial complex.

There are infinite ways to change and improve the world. Everyone needs to do their part. This record is a prime example of these fine individuals doing theirs, and Pirates is incredibly proud and fortunate for the opportunity to help spread this message far and wide.

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