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Power Beer


Street Punk

Band Members:

  • Tyler
  • Preston
  • Tom
  • Zac
  • Trip


Power Beer started in Midvale, Utah the summer of 2017 with founding members Thomas Clark, Zac Smith and Preston Clarke.
Deep in the bowels of Tom and Preston’s basement the three started power beer on heels of Preston and Toms failed street punk project “Flak Jacket”. Together the three (in the middle of a power outage with nothing more to entertain them than a case of pabst blue ribbon beer and their love of street punk playing on their cell phones) agreed to start a new street punk project and rightfully name it “Power Beer”. Later that week they would have there first practice with Preston playing bass guitar, Zac playing guitar and Tom playing drums.
Some time later Preston would approach Tyler Landress at a party and ask if he would like to take over vocal duties for the band. He showed up to one practice and stayed with the band from there on out.
Trip Corvus would meet the band on a booze and gambling fueled motor cycle ride with Preston to Wendover, Nevada where he would be asked to play drums. After a little trial and error in scheduling Tripp would stay with the band taking over drums and moving Tom to second guitar.
Since then Power Beer has made a name for themselves in Salt Lake City by playing local favorites such as “can you see it”-a song about how the city treats homeless people and those less fortunate and eventually signing with ballz out records January of 2019 to record and release a full length album titled “Salvation in Inebriation” with plans to embark on their first tour to the northwest United States in August.

Current Location:

Salt Lake City, Utah


Ballz Out Records


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