re-volts new album Leeches
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RE-VOLTS Release New EP “Leeches” | Available Now via Pirates Press Records

Bay Area punkers RE-VOLTS are back with their 3rd new release in the past year, LEECHES, OUT NOW on PIRATES PRESS RECORDS!

When he’s not leading the legendary ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES to platinum success around the globe, SPIKE SLAWSON serves up his heart on a plate, “Take it or leave it!” with this formidable San Francisco combo. After a too-long hiatus, the band has hit the ground running, ramping up the release of new material as well as the frequency of live shows. The question on countless fans’ minds is inevitably, “Could an LP be far behind?” For now, the brilliance of the RE-VOLTS shines through in all three songs of this spectacular new EP, which looks almost as incredible as it sounds on “beer” colored 7″ vinyl with red splatter matching the “bloodstains” on the jacket!

Side A:
1. Leeches

Side B:
1. Metropolis Or Bust
2. Love Letters

Get your copy at Pirates Press Records!

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