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REVIEW: DUCK & COVER release their newest EP, “Two Shots” via Stateline Records.

What a fucking solid punk rock n’ roll album. Sounds like something you would find on Fat Records back in the late 90’s early 00’s but with a newer twist on it. I really dig the vocals throughout the album, raspy hard lines that pair perfect with the gritty lead guitar and bass lines. These guys show off their talent from beginning to end, there is definitely a progression in technical ability in comparison to previous albums. Top pick for us is the title track, Two Shots, it’s a bit heavier than the other songs on the 7”. Two Shots is also available as downloadable content for the Rock Band (Harmonix) series on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

If you are a fan of Swingin Utters, The Vandals, Face To Face or Pully then you will absolutely enjoy this record… Yes, RECORD. We highly suggest the wax for these guys. Streaming is great for on the go but to truly enjoy this album you need to sit back with a beer and enjoy it on the turntable.
… Seriously, fucking good job guys!

Band Bio:

Made up of ex- and current members of a few Boston bands from the past decade or so (The Coffin Lids, The Acro-brats, Bang Camaro, The Black Cheers, The Throwaways…), Duck & Cover has shared the stage with The Dickies, The Queers, The Adolescents, Swingin’ Utters, The Dead Boys, CJ Ramone, Death, Michael Monroe, and the Street Dogs, among others.

Duck & Cover is:
Rich Hoss – Bass
Damien Pianka – Drums & Percussion
Daniel Sussman – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Hammond B-3, Piano
Chris Wissmuller – Guitar, Vocals

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