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REVIEW: DYLAN DISASTER releases second album, REMISSION, out August 31st!

Austin-based musician Dylan Disaster, known for his years of operating within punk rock bands from all around the country, is releasing his second solo album with Remission. The LP is bold and contemplative, possibly his most intentional work to date, and never drops the blue-collar punk energy that his career has been soaked in since his first day on stage. Remission is an album that Dylan Disaster has crafted for himself, but he invites the world to listen in on. Anyone who wants to seek out an honest examination of an artist, layered in the rage and energy of the bands you used to blast on your car stereo, Dylan Disaster has brought an amazing offering to your table. Remission will be available August 31st, 2019!

The amazing dichotomy of the album comes from the audience’s expectations. The lyrics immediately evoke the image of a confessional letter, detailing the intricacies of a man who has a lot of stories to tell. The kind of lyrics most audiences expect in the gentle, acoustic performances of singer-songwriters, but Dylan Disaster didn’t build his career as a singer-songwriter; he’s rock, through and through. He’s removed the shiny pop-inspired songwriting at the core of many punk bands of our day and substituted the complex honesty of lyrical storytelling in its place, to great effect. The tracks feel like the band you would go see in your local bar, but then Disaster strips back just enough to keep the energy of rock in the music and leave room for the lyrics to take center stage in our focus. From beginning to end, he’s embracing honesty in every track, but he never feels the need to commit to any specific sound. High energy bangers emerge in tracks like “Sun Came Rising,” soulful acoustic-forward songs like “Symphony” follow, and many other explorations exist within a wildly diverse LP that remains cohesive from the orchestral warm up of track one to the train announcements of “South Long Island;” the album’s closing track. 

Release Date: August 31st, 2019

Reviewer’s Favorite Track: Out To Sea, Track Six

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