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REVIEW: INTROVERT Announce New EP “Mending Breaking” via UNFD | Listen!

Introvert have announced their newest EP, “Mending Breaking” to be released February 21st via UNFD. We have been playing this full album non-stop since it was received and have yet to get tired of it. My only complaint about this album is that it isn’t a full-length album, Introvert definitely keep you wanting more! This new album picks up where they left off with their 2017 single, “December” and continually progressed with their singles “Somewhere Else” and “Dreamers” late last year and now the most recent release of “Mending Breaking.”

While listening to this album on a constant loop it was clear that they have been saving the best for last. The first track on this EP, “Find A Way” hits a solid alternative rock sound that starts off with a soft yet captivating melody and then a healthy build up to unleash the harder side of the track. The track continues with perfectly weighted anthem vocals, heavy lead guitar and solid drum lines. This is quite possibly our favorite track and even with 3:42 minutes, it still feels too short. In the end, this is a great album that leaves you wanting more. I do hope that the guys continue to advance their skill and push the limits even more.

Listen to the newest single Mending Breaking below:

Listen to Somewhere Else below

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