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Review: Lion’s Law Releases “The Pain, The Blood, And The Sword” | Stream Here!

Lion’s Law have just released what could possibly be their greatest album to date, “The Pain, The Blood, And The Sword.” Available now for purchase and streaming on all platforms.

The band has definitely stepped up the aggression and intensity with a significant transition into a more dominant hardcore sound while still holding strong to their street punk and Oi roots. Every song seamlessly flows throughout the album with hard hitting vocals and heavy, melodic riffs and heart pounding bass lines to get the blood pumping!

This album is everything you would want from a progressed version of Lion’s Law. As of right now we are still waiting on our vinyl version to arrive but currently our top tracks are “Escape” and “Roses and Fire” with a strong stand up and fight, anthem sound with backing vocals and melodic guitar tracks. Mind you that this could change a bit once we have a chance to sit down with a dram of whiskey and let the record perform.

As a vinyl collector and enthusiast I highly suggest, as always, to support the artist and the record label and purchase the physical copy. Go to Pirates Press Records to purchase.


  1. Intro
  2. Pbs
  3. The Reaper
  4. Destin Criminel
  5. Escape
  6. Un Jour
  7. Roses and Fire
  8. Fidèle
  9. The Enemy
  10. Damaged Heart
  11. Sablier
  12. Revenge
  13. Pathfinder
  14. Destined To Fall