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REVIEW: VERSION TWO New EP “Something Clever” | Out Now!

Ogden Utah locals Version Two recently put out their newest EP “Something Clever” on streaming platforms this year, this being the first release since their 2016 album “Childish,” Version Two has definitely kept their much-desired style and sound in the years since. It is an overall refreshing EP to see coming out of a local band that shows exactly why they have continued to be such a core part of the Utah scene.

The first track “Childish” opens the EP perfectly and gives you a taste of what’s to come, an anthem punk feel that has some hints of something harder. From the first listen this song gave me the urge to sing along even though I hadn’t even had a chance to learn all the lyrics yet, and then it switches up to a whole new feel that is heavier and not something you’d expect but keeps it flowing and doesn’t feel forced.

Track two “Disintegrate” picks that heavier feel up from track one and gives an almost grunge hardcore vibe that really rounds out the EP and gives it enough variety to not feel like a one song single that so many EPs seem to capture.

Track three “Two Tone” opens very softly and had me shocked with the flow of the song, in a great way! I have not had the chance to hear anything that kept me on my toes the way this ep has in a long time. Ambient vocals and instrumentals that fit so perfect, I felt like this song is my personal favorite of the EP and gave me a feeling of excitement to hear what was coming next.

The fourth and final track “Vault” closes the ep in a very satisfying way. Again, opening up a bit softer but turns back into that classic anthem style punk that rounds out the ep and wraps it up nicely.

Overall this is one of the best things to come out of Utah this year, this EP flows so well you’d have a hard time not following this band after your first listen through.

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