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Sleep In. “The Stars On Your Ceiling” Album Review

Sleep in. band indie rock

Sleep In. “The Stars On Your Ceiling” Full Length album out now!

Know Hope Records

Release: 22 March 2019

Band Members

  • Eric McNelis
  • Mike Dameo
  • Tom Fowler
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (Fitz)
  • Joe Franks

Emotionally driven guitar and thought provoking lyrics with a catchy, upbeat sound. This entire album has a very effortless flow to it and you certainly find yourself sucked in. Guitarist Eric McNelis explains, “This record came together very organically and there wasn’t a lot of laboring over the songwriting and arrangements. We really let the music dictate the direction.” This album reflects this statement fully.  It’s easy to feel and relate to the lyrics in these songs, remembering the past and the significant events that help shape who we are.

You can listen to the full album on Spotify here.

Music Video for Cleaner Days off our 2017 EP “Tension & Release” on Black Numbers.

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