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Reggae Rock

Band Members:

Cody Spruill [Lead Guitar/vocals]
Mike THE Albee [DRUMS]
Ken Collins [Lead Vocals, Guitar]
Steve Poole of America [Bass/vocals]
Katie Collins [Keyboard/Percussion/vocals]


We are a 5-person Alternative Reggae Rock band from Ogden, Utah!

Soulrise has a strong dynamic rhythm duo formed by long time friends and brothers – Bass player – Steve Poole, and Mike Albee who is well versed on Drums. Steve and Mike have played together and formed a musical unity that has been perfecting its sound for more than 20 years! Long time lead guitar is manned by the talented Cody Spruill who is a captivating legend who can truly rip and emerge your emotions with his guitar manipulations! In 2014, Soulrise gained new front man and lead singer Ken Collins who was a long time brother in the Ogden scene. Ken’s vocal range is absolutely soul capturing and damn does he have some pipes!!! Along with rhythm guitar and a natural song writer! In 2014, the band also gained Keyboard and the Tambourine Queen of Ogden, Katie Collins!

We are formed from the ashes of Blindspot, Eat Your Enemy, Three Word Name, Oblivious Son, Idiocracy, Godspine, Draize Method and them other Ogden bands.

Current Location:

Ogden, Utah



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