Starset release new album Disorder - review
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STARSET releases video for “Manifest;” New album “Divisions” arrives September 13th!

Frontman Dustin Bates and his bandmates in Starset are back and ready to immerse listeners in the next chapter of their story. Their latest album, Division, will release September 13th. Part rock opera, part cinematic journey, part multimedia immersion, and all groundbreaking storytelling, the band has released the visual companion to their track “Manifest” to set the stage for the world of their latest conceptual narrative behemoth. Watch the video for “Manifest” below!

Divisions will be the soundtrack of a dystopian world locked in a battle to determine the very future of human consciousness; a world that will slowly be revealed piece by piece through transmissions from The Starset Society. Clues are embedded everywhere, and only those searching for the truth will find it…

“Manifest” acts as the pledge of this multifaceted and endlessly fascinating journey, instilling a fascination into the newest story arc and leaving a promise for what’s to come. Glistening with beautifully polished pop production at one moment before immediately plunging into a gut-wrenching and raw sound in the next, the song walks the razor wire of balancing these tonal ideas, and nails it. The song does exactly what the lyrics suggest; it shows us this supposed utopia before tearing apart the illusion and letting the darkness “manifest.”

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