subhumans release crisis point via pirates press records
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SUBHUMANS Release “CRISIS POINT” Out NOW! First NEW Music in 12 years!

Subhumans have finally release the long awaited album “Crisis Point” via Pirates Press Records. This is the first new music from the band in 12 long years and this album does NOT disappoint!

This album is by far the best that we have heard from Subhumans. We have experienced over the years that a lot of time an older band that have been in hiatus for several years tend to lose their edge and the end result of any new music turns out to be subpar at best. This is not the case with Crisis Point, Subhumans have kept their edge and the sound quality has definitely gone up dramatically.

We have had Crisis Point in our possession for a little while now for a review and It has been one of the more difficult reviews that we have done so far. Reason being is that we didn’t want to rush the review and offer up some shit comments based on first impressions. I can honestly say that this album has quickly become one of my go-to albums that always gets me going. Crisis Point could be summed up as; Same message from the 80’s with different political targets, same sound you would expect but a little more tuned and punk with a bit less crust in their sound, all together a great album to add to your collection.

Best tracks on the album for us are Information Gap, 99% and Fear and Confusion.

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In case you don’t know… About the band:

Subhumans are one of the most influential bands from the UK Anarcho-Punk scene of the 80’s, filed right alongside Crass and Conflict, and just as relevant today as they were during the darkest days of Thatcher’s Britain. Take your choice in how to label them – Punk, UK82, Crusty, etc. – therein lies the attraction and consequent reason for their popularity, the band epitomizes non-conformity and connects with people in many different scenes. This is their first new music in 12 years – all brand new songs about terror/pollution/mind control and similar reflections on a world in crisis!

Subhumans don’t really need much in the way of introduction – since 1980, they’ve recorded and released a powerhouse of a back catalog that completely stands the test of time. ‘The Day the Country Died’ (1983) and ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’ (1984) are two classic albums in practically every punk’s collection. This album will undoubtedly be filed right alongside these records as another huge contribution to the world of punk they helped create.

Pirates Press Records are thrilled to be releasing this new record, and Subhumans are embarking on a year of touring in both Europe and North America! The social and political commentary of bands like Subhumans forged a path, along with their contemporaries, for punk to change lives and opinions around the world. Sadly the things they sang about forty years ago are largely just as important now, sometimes more so in an age of Trump and Brexit. We can’t wait to hear more of what they have to say about the current political climate, the immense imbalance of wealth and power, and the causes they hold near and dear to their hearts.

Catch the Subhumans on their US tour – Dates below.

09/05/2019 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern
09/06/2019 – Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques
09/07/2019 – Quebec City, QC – Envol Et Macadam Festival
09/08/2019 – Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall
09/09/2019 – Somerville, MA – Once Ballroom
09/10/2019 – Brooklyn, NY – Kingsland
09/11/2019 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
09/12/2019 – Durham, NC – Motorco
09/13/2019 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
09/14/2019 – St Augustine, FL – Sing Out Loud Festival
09/15/2019 – Orlando. FL – Will’s Pub

10/19/2019 – Alameda, CA – Rock The Ship
10/20/2019 – Fresno, CA – Strummer’s
10/21/2019 – Ventura, CA – Discovery
10/22/2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
10/23/2019 – San Diego, CA – Soma Side Stage
10/24/2019 – Pomona, CA – The Glass House
10/25/2019 – Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl Room @ The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
10/26/2019 – Phoenix, AZ – Rebel Lounge
10/27/2019 – Lancaster, CA – American Legion
10/28/2019 – Morro Bay, CA – The Siren
10/30/2019 – Sacramento, CA – The Holy Diver
10/31/2019 – Arcata, CA – RampART Skatepark

11/01/2019 – Eugene, OR – Whirled Pies
11/02/2019 – Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
11/03/2019 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon