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Our Tech and Tune section we will be diving into the world of gear tech, how-to’s, DIY mods and equipment guides. You will find beginner articles in many ranges in addition to advanced DIY modifications and How-To’s. If you are looking for something specific or have something that you would like to contribute, Contact us here.

Guitar Pickups the basics on the Daily Tune

Guitar Pickups – The Basics

What is a guitar pickup? At its base, a guitar pickup is just magnets and wire. This simple design uses ...
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alnico and ceramic magnets whats the difference

Alnico & Ceramic Guitar Pickup Magnets

The difference between all of the Alnico magnets grades and Ceramic guitar pickups. We know that figuring out how to ...
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Top guitars on a budget from the daily tune

Top 6 guitars on a budget

If you are a beginner looking to get a new guitar, a mid-level player or an active musician looking for ...
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