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The Daily Tune INTERVIEW w/ Kelly Ogden of The DOLLYROTS | “Daydream Explosion”

We had a chance to shoot the shit with Kelly Ogden from the Dollrots. The interview ran a bit long so we had to edit a lot out, one of these days we will release the full un-edited version for all of you. Kelly Ogden was absolutely great to talk to and she had some really fun stories to tell us. Thanks Kelly! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out “Daydream Explosion” available July 12 on all platforms!

the dollyrots interview the dailytune 2019

TDT: Thank you so much for taking time to talk with us. I understand that this (Daydream Explosion) is your seventh album right?

Kelly: Yes, seventh studio album. We also have a live album and an acoustic record too.

TDT: Can you tell us more about the acoustic record?

Kelly: When we crowd sourced the last record we did a thing where we would write a song for people, they could buy a song about them or whatever they wanted and so they would send a couple sentences or a story and we would write a song around that and so we started writing them and they were just really good and so once they were all done it was 15 songs or something it was a whole record we were like” hey can we put this out? Do you guys care?” and they all said yes, so it’s kind of weird cause it’s just songs about random stuff, it’s not personal in anyway and it’s great. I mean there’s a Star Wars song, songs about zombies, it was just a really fun record to make in the end and so it’s neat and a little bit different.

TDT: I’ve understand that a lot of your records are crowdsourced and this one is with wicked cool records right?

Kelly: Yeah, our first record was self-released and then Look-out records picked it up. Our next two records were on Joan Jett’s label, Blackheart records and then after that is when everyone started crowd sourcing and we were kind of like, well that might be a good avenue for a band because we kind of are established at this point and that way we can maintain control of our music instead of giving it to a company or a label to put out there. So we did that for a while and I mean honestly it changed the way that we make music and approached our fans and everything because now when we’re writing music, we are sharing it with them as we go along and the way that we do it, they are along for the entire process, from when we decide we’re gonna start recording until it’s finished and it’s just it’s a lot more fun that way. In the past, we had done it were we would tour, then we would come home and we would go into a little secretive bubble and then we would put the record out. So instead of disappearing, we’re engaged with our fans always which is a lot more fun for us and I think for the fans.

This last one we were using, pledge music, which we have used for the last three or four campaigns but they went under right after we launched it. Fortunately, none of our fans were charged for any of the pre-order stuff because we hadn’t reached our goal yet. We had to cancel on that which is terrifying because we were close to halfway to our goal and had to do it all over again. It was weird but at the same time we sent wicked cool the demos, those are usually pretty much done and complete. We record in our own studio here and so we write and record at the same time and so we sent wicked cool the demos and we were headed to finish them in the studio and they loved it! They were like “man, we will put out this whole record if you let us.” We had put out a 7-inch with them already and they’re musicians, it’s run by little Steven, he is in Bruce Springsteen’s band and he’s been doing this his whole life and is an artist. He is still creating music and just put out a new record and he just wants to support music and so it ended up making sense. They’re awesome. It made it to where we could still put out the record the way we want to but hopefully this way it can reach more people.

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