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THE GODFATHERS OF HARDCORE Documentary on BLU-RAY Nov 15 | Bridge Nine Records | REVIEW

Bridge Nine Records will release the Blu-ray edition of THE GODFATHERS OF HARDCORE, the critically-acclaimed, Ian McFarland-directed documentary, on November 15. The film is available digitally here.

Agnostic Front has always been and will always be the Godfathers of Hardcore, not just in NYC but worldwide.

This is truly a great documentary about the real New York Hardcore scene, anyone that came up in the 80’s and 90’s hardcore days will feel an incredible sense of nostalgia while watching all the early footage and hearing the stories from Vinnie and Roger.

It starts off with Roger Miret opening up a chest full of old hardcore relics and memories while telling a story of selling t-shirts that where screen printed out of the back of the car at the shows. Throughout the documentary Roger talks about coming to America from Cuba, the struggles that he had with his father and step-father that had continually abused him and his family until his mother finally put a stop to it. Rogers story is truly amazing and has inspired many people, myself included, over the years to always keep fighting.

Roger goes on about details on living in squats, raising a daughter while being on tour, band life, prison, heart attack and being a part of the growing culture of hardcore music.

The documentary flows perfectly between Roger and Vinnie telling their stories of growing up in some of the most dangerous areas of New York City and how they formed a family of like-minded punks and skins that where known as the Lower East Side Crew.

At 60 years old, Vinnie Stigma remains to be an absolute force to be reckoned with in the hardcore scene while still touring and playing shows like he did back in the early days. As Vinnie says, “Don’t loose that kid in you, you get jaded.” Vinnie continues to walk the streets of New York while telling stories of how violent the streets were, drug dealers, druggies, Italian mafia and all out crime in the city.

This documentary highlights the amazing growth of the hardcore scene with old footage and interviews from that past and incredible stories, footage and images. An absolute must watch film that follows two of the most respected and well-known guys in the underground hardcore music scene.  

The Blu-ray edition of the film features eight different language subtitle options and will be available in a standard case as well as a special version housed in a gatefold 7″ jacket cover, with a bonus, seven song live recording from the Agnostic Front show Berlin that is featured in the film.

1. “Blind Justice”
2. “Last Warning”
3. “Crucified”
4. “Paulie the Beer Drinking Dog”
5. “For My Family”
6. “Friend Or Foe”
7. “Victim In Pain”

IAN McFARLAND is a producer, director, editor and musician.  His sense or awareness, empathy and instinct for storytelling allows him to create stunningly authentic, engaging, compelling portraits of subjects ranging from internationally known musicians to regular people on the street.  He brings a specific understanding of pace, structure and rhythm to his visual work as a result of his musical background.

Ian began his career at an early age, touring the world and performing in bands everywhere from punk rock parties in backyards and living rooms to major European open-air festivals. In the past 10 years, he has directed numerous music videos for Grammy-nominated international acts and created Emmy-nominated and award-winning films aired on SHOWTIME, VICE, SKY, ESPN, MTV, and others. 

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