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the MurderBurgers – New Album “What a Mess”

the murderburgers what a mess new album punk rock music

MurderBurgers – “What a Mess”

We had a chance to sit down and listen to the MurderBurgers new album “What a Mess” this week and where all pleasantly sucked in. This album has a great classic pop punk sound but not in the sense that we have heard it before, it definitely has a new sound but comfortably recognizable. The more you listen to this album, the more it grows on you. The entire album has a very catchy, harmonic sound with plenty distortion, heavy beats, power chords and vocals that remind me of that southern California sound. One thing that everyone agrees on is that this album continues to impress with every listen.

The MurderBurgers have been together since 2007 and are based in Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland. You can find them on the following links:

“What a Mess”

Released Mar 15th 2019 on Asian Man Records, Brassneck Records, Umlaut Records & Waterslide Records.

Full album stream/download: Bandcamp

14 song CD/LP/DIGITAL 
Track Listing
1. Turning 30 Was An Eye Opener
2. I’m Sorry About Christmas Eve
3. The Art Of Being A Sad Sack Of Shit
4. Shots In My Skull
5. Pick A Knife, Any Knife
6. It Better Rain Tomorrow
7. Dying On An Empty Stomach
8. October Lied To Us
9. You Deserve Better, Samantha
10. I Remember Feeling Alive
11. Hardwell Close
12. Axes To Grind
13. The Things That Help You Sleep At Night
14. The Thing That Helps Me Survive

The Murderburgers – The Thing That Helps Me Survive

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