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The OLD FIRM CASUALS Summer Tour | This Is Hardcore Festival 2019 | “Holger Danske” Album Available Now!

East Bay Street Punks, The Old Firm Casuals, have announced their summer headlining dates in support of their latest album “Holger Danske.” The band will be supported by Section H8 and Spiritual Cramp in Berkeley and Los Angeles. While in Texas the band will be joined by Concrete Elite and Liberty and Justice.  Additionally, The Old Firm Casuals have been added to the already stacked lineup of This is Hardcore’s 2019 Festival. Tickets on sale to the general public as of Friday, May 17 at 10 AM PST and can be found at Pirates Press Records!

The Old Firm Casuals will be making the following appearances throughout the summer with more to come.

Saturday July 6 – Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone
Sunday July 7 – Los Angeles, CA – 1720
Thursday July 11 – Dallas, Tx – Three Links
Friday July 12 – Austin, Tx – Dirty Dog Bar
Saturday July 13 – Houston, Tx – The Secret Group
Saturday July 27 – East Providence, RI – Roadblock Music Festival
July 28-29- Philadelphia, PA – This is Hardcore Festival

old firm casuals holger danske on the daily tune

Holger Danske Track Listing:

  1. Get Out Of Our Way
    2. Motherland
    3. Pendulum
    4. De Ensomme Ulve
    5. Holger Danske
    6. Casual Rock-N-Roll
    7. Traitor
    8. The Golden Fall Pt.1
    9. Thunderbolt
    10. Overdose On Sin
    11. Nation On Fire
    12. Zombie

“They said we’d never make it this far, but here we are. We’re not stopping.
Those are the first words the listener hears on The Old Firm Casuals’ new full-length, Holger Danske, and it doubles as the San Francisco street-punk band’s mission statement. Frontman Lars Frederiksen—yep, that Lars Frederiksen, the one who’s spent the past quarter-century writing, recording, performing and selling a few million records with punk icons Rancid—says even though he’s experienced massive success, the Casuals are just getting started.

“I always want to earn my stripes,” Frederiksen admits. “I don’t want to piggyback on anybody. Even in my most desperate times, I never took a handout. For me, it was the wrong thing to do to try and piggyback this band onto the back of Rancid. Rancid is its own entity. I always want to try to do things and have them succeed on their own merit. The Old Firm Casuals are a DIY band. We don’t have a manager. We book our own shows. This is the challenge and the fun of it.”

The Old Firm Casuals

“Oi! music and punk music, that’s where I come from,” Frederiksen explains. “There’s always going to be that element in that music I make. But as I’ve gotten older and taken on the responsibility of writing a lot of these songs, my bandmates’ opinions and their tastes reflect in the music as well. It’s never really been a big secret that I love AC/DC and Motörhead—even KISS and Slade, bands like that. Those bands made a big impression on all of us. I’m never gonna get in the way of where a song is gonna go. If we feel like we’re writing a good song, then write the good song.”

As the frontman alludes, good songs can come from anywhere. Case in point, one of Holger Danske’s heaviest tracks, “Thunderbolt,” came from an unusual place: Frederiksen’s 7-year-old son Soren. “He is a drummer. He’s very thunderous,” Frederiksen explains. “He’s got a little practice kit, and we’ll jam together. He’s really into thrash like Metallica, Slayer and Exodus, which are heavier than the Casuals usually are. I was trying to play something more hardcore that my son would jam to. For about a month-and-a-half, he would tell me to play this riff. So finally, I decided it was a pretty good riff and I brought it to the band, and it turns out a song I was jamming with my 7-year-old turned out to be pretty cool!” That experience sums up Frederiksen’s overall motivation for making music: in order to be the best father and husband he can be, he has to play music.

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