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The Undercover Dream Lovers “Plane Ride” Video Stream | “It’s All In Your Head Out” February 28

The video was animated by Cynthia Larenas, who works under the name Zona Mind. “Plane Ride” is a deeply personal song for Matt Koenig. He explains, “The ‘ride’ is a metaphor for life, and the plane crashing represents death.” He adds, “I wrote the verse before going on tour and it was about me feeling caught in the distractions of life. The inspiration for the rest of the song came after tour. We were on the road with the band Her’s who were in a fatal car accident before our last show. ‘Plane Ride’ was the first song I worked on after returning, and my mind was still consumed by the loss. It felt personal for me to keep the first verse. It represented something before the accident, and really paints a picture about how what you may think is important can change in an instant.”

Originally from Pittsburgh but now based in Los Angeles, Matt has never signed with any label, navigating his career completely as an independent act. The band has supported STRFKRParcels, Her’s, and L’impératrice. Citing as his influences Tame Impala, The Beatles, Parcels, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Daft Punk, he sees himself as a bridge between eras, combining themes and techniques from the past with those pointing the way toward our future.
The Undercover Dream Lovers debut album, Its All In Your Head, was recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, CA, and features a collaboration with Dent May. Album highlights include the album’s opening track “A Way Out,” “You Don’t Have To Be Lonely” and “Plane Ride.” i-D Magazine premiered “A Way Out” and described the track as a “sonic bridge between Koenig’s previous releases (While It’s In Style and In Real Time) and the new record, which is largely influenced by disco and the idea of creating an even more energized, groovy live show.”

Immediately recognizable for his groovy bass lines, The Undercover Dream Lovers’ Matt Koenig produces and mixes all his own songs and writes the majority of them, from time to time inviting a friend into his project for a collaboration. His tracks “Good Luck” and “Come Home” have attracted significant attention to his work – the former hitting 11 million streams on Spotify and charting on Canada & US Viral 50 and the latter hitting 14 million and charting on New Music Friday and US Viral 50. In addition to these strong chart positions, the Undercover Dream Lovers project has appeared in such TV shows as VICE’s Fuck That’s Delicious, NBC’s Good Girls, and ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier.

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