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UK Punk Band SUE Releases Debut Album “It Will Never End” | Full Album Stream!

SUE is a Noise Rock / Post-Punk / Punk Rock band from the West Midlands, England. Known for their wild performances and scratchy punk sound, they have been parading around with confidence and an obvious passion for what they do. Their wails and whines, their distorted tones and frantic rhythms will grip you from start to finish. They embrace the chaos that lies within all creativity.

SUE | IT Will Never End | Full Album Stream

You can definitely feel roots from the late 80’s to early 90’s hardcore bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag and bit of influence from The Cramps in all their music. Sue’s new album has an addicting sound that sucks you in with plenty of distortion and screaming vocals. We got sucked into this album and listened to it a few times from start to finish, every time finding something different that was missed the time before. Big props to SUE for their grit and determination to create some great DIY punk music that we will continue to keep in the rotation.

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About the Album:

It Will Never End is a 12 track concept record split into three acts (Senseless, Reckless, Endless), ‘It Will Never End’ kicks off with a shriek and doesn’t stop until the last track is over. It’s relentless and manic, rough and raw, distorted and chaotic, haunting and a lot of fun. Over the past year the band have spent many hours crafting the sound of the album, pouring in as much creativity and expression as they could. The result has now been thrown out into the world, and the band is extremely proud of it. 

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