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UNIMAGINED Newest EP “Friendless” is Available NOW via Standby Records

This is their most progressive and heavy release to date! “Too Dead To Dance” is the starter track that was first recorded back in May of 2018 and it was an incredible start to the Friendless EP. This album is packed full of intense energy from beginning to end. Lemons & Sodomy has a slower melodic start but quickly brings the tempo back to pace.

This is a very creative album with lots of switch ups and the dual vocals are timed perfect to give a very balanced advancement throughout the album.

About Unimagined:

First congregated in a matrimony of makeup & feedback in 2017, Unimagined has been a tour de force of explosive live performances & theatrical presentation in their local St. Louis scene. Donning eccentric outfits & a penchant for dramatics, this six piece whatever-core troupe simply ooze attitude & flair. Watching their electrifying live set & listening to their meticulously produced record, one can quickly find that their image & message boils down to one thing;

“Fuck what the cool kids are doing.”

Unimagined Friendless